Investigative Resources Services

A complete list of our investigative services:

  • Asset & Financial � Determines real and personal assets and financial worth.
  • Background & Due Diligence � To check and/or confirm civil, criminal, work, address, and family history; business affiliations, bankruptcies, judgments and more.
  • Civil � Non criminal disputes and disagreements between parties.
  • Corporate � Employee screening, dishonesty, sexual harassment, drugs, white collar crime, internal theft, and competitive intelligence.
  • Domestic/Family � Matters relating to divorce, child custody, infidelity, substance abuse, runaways.
  • Information Services � Collecting public record and proprietary information on people and/or businesses.
  • Insurance � Property-casualty liability, coverage, SIU, litigation support, fraud, statements, interviews, locates, workers compensation, expert testimony.
  • Locates/Missing Persons � Issues relating to locating people and tracking missing persons.
  • Social Network Investigations - My Space, Facebook, LinkedIn � Photo Forensics, Profile Analysis, User Trends, Friends.
  • Statements & Interviews � Interviewing and questioning witnesses, insured�s, claimants, subjects, and other individuals; assessing credibility; verbal, signed, recorded, videotaped statements; affidavits.
  • Surveillance � Observation of individuals to determine activity level and conduct; videotaped evidence supports and corroborates observations.
  • TSCM � Technical Surveillance Countermeasures; bug sweeps of home, office, vehicles for electronic recordings or transmissions.
  • Tenant Screening � Pre-rental screenings of tenants, background investigations, verification of previous rental, and credit screening.

  • Mortgage Fraud Investigations
    mortgage fraud investigationsIn the aftermath of the housing boom and the subsequent widespread foreclosure epidemic, Investigative Resources has grown exponentially in the mortgage fraud arena. At present, we contract with regional investigative firms who represent some of the largest mortgage insurance companies in the country. Our main focus is to locate and interview the borrower of an insured loan, locate and interview the stated employer of the borrower, re-verify the loan application, research deed records, tax records, and multiple list records, and help identify undisclosed properties or other pertinent data. We search for misrepresentation in the loan application process to determine lender knowledge of fraud and prepare a comprehensive report, including Statements of Interview of all interested parties.

    Investigative Resources can provide information from real estate data bases that are reserved for the trade. Tax records, deed records, and private remarks in current and previous real estate listings have proven to be key data in locating individuals, determining circumstances, and mapping patterns of activity in real estate transactions. This information is critical in mortgage fraud investigations as well as other investigations of people and property.

  • fraud investigationsWorkers Compensation Fraud Investigations
    Investigative Resources employs Investigators who have years of expertise in the field of Workers Compensation Fraud and related surveillance. Years of technique and proven results are found in our investigators who utilize their intuitiveness and expert covert capabilities to provide strong video and reporting to insurance companies to mitigate their losses. Professional video surveillance is one of the best ways to make a fair and impartial investigation of a worker's compensation claim. Our investigators are expert in covert surveillance, documentation of the subject�s activities, expert testimony and affidavits, interviews, and detailed activity reporting.

  • Domestic Investigations
    Domestic Investigations is necessary to discover, prove, and document the cases of infidelity, adultery, cheating partners, child neglect or abuse, and, often times, substance abuse. Investigative Resources will provide a discreet and confidential assessment of the merits of a domestic case, and will provide the client with a plan of action that best suits the needs of the case. Our firm utilizes the latest technology, GPS tracking devices, nanny cams, and other legal electronic measures to determine the activity or behavior of the subjects of domestic investigation. Asset protection, asset locates, child custody, child support recovery, and other divorce related sectors are some of the key elements to consider within these investigations; Investigative Resources has proven success in resolving these issues for our clients. Information investigations

    Investigative Resources partners with a leading interventionist in resolving issues related to addictions and disruptive behavior. The opportunity for help and knowing where to turn is what is needed when a loved one is exhibiting disruptive, abusive, or addictive behavior.

  • Information investigations Information Brokerage Services
    Investigative Resources can detect and determine most any information on most any person or business for those who possess the legitimate and legal purpose for that information. With our comprehensive databases and sources, our firm contracts with other private investigation firms, attorneys, and others to determine or develop data needed for their legitimate purpose. Our firm has a comprehensive list of information services we can provide, including but not limited to skip tracing, verifiable address, previous addresses, criminal and civil filings, detailed asset determination, identifying blocked or unlisted phone numbers, determining employment, and much more.

  • Surveillance Equipment
    Our firm can provide the client with GPS tracking devices, nanny cams, and other monitoring equipment to protect your children, protect your assets, or monitor a cheating spouse.